Understanding EMF levels in the home or office. This chart shows guidelines in simple detail.

Updated 12.23.2014

The Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern (IBN) was founded in 1983. Their mission is to present its clients with objective information and to offer a holistic approach to building biology. The institute is economically and politically independent.

Alternating Current (AC) Magnetic Field and AC Electric Field Exposure Guidelines

(extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields).

1. Building Biology Precautionary Guidelines (SBM-2008) For Sleeping Areas
Table 1.

AC Magnetic – Flux Density in milligauss (mG)  <0.2  0.2-1  1-5  >5
AC Electric Field Strength With ground potential in volt per meter (V/m)  >1  1-5  5-50  >50

Source: www.baubiologie.de/downlaods/english/richtwerte_2008_englisch.pdf

Note: The majority of homes we test are in the shaded area (Severe Concern). We measure both AC Magnetic and AC Electric field strengths as well as Radio Frequency (RF) and assist in the process of remediation.

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