Your EMF testing should be done by a qualified professional. Check this out.

Not all EMF inspectors are equal! Do they have the diagnostic expertise? Do they meet International Occupational Standards? Do they have the best meters? Do they engage in ongoing research and training?

Qualified, Experienced, Commited to Ongoing Education


I am a registered EMF consultant with over 30 years experience in health, nutrition and electromagnetic research. I have extensive experience and a commitment to ongoing education in the field.


My inspection services and detailed reports exceed industry accepted standards. I am commited to giving you a fair and professional service with concern for your family’s wellbeing. I provide simple and affordable solutions to mitigate the risks of EMF Electromagnetic fields in the home and workplace.

Serving most of Ontario, including Toronto, Etobicoke, the GTA, Kitchener, North of Toronto, and Ottawa.

Best regards,


Call me for more info at 905-719-7030 or by Contact Form here …

by MPS


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