Electromagnetic Field Inspections (EMF/EMR)

Getting back to a healthier life through Electromagnetic Field Inspections (EMF/EMR)

Headache or other disturbance keeping you up at night? Suffering fatigue, muscle tension or digestive issues?

More and more people are sensitive to electricity and have difficulty sleeping, get headaches, ringing in the ears, digestive problems or experience other symptoms from electrosmog. We help our customers create a healthy living space by reducing artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity can reduce your productivity and enjoyment of life. Electromagnetic radiation is invisible. Our EMF meters and other testing equipment helps find the sources. Then we go to work for you on mitigation techniques. Trying to do this yourself can do more harm than good.

Understanding EMF levels in the home or office. This chart explains guidelines in simple detail.

Professional consulting and testing provides you with an accurate picture and peace of mind. We also provide a useful list of EMF reduction strategies that are no cost (for example, turning your cell phone and Wi-Fi off at night). In some situations, additional mitigation may be required to accomplish an optimally healthy home (or office).

Our Housecheck consultants have put in the research and the training. We have the right equipment, and protocols (Building Biology Institute, Germany).

Electromagnetic Field (EMF/EMR) Success Story

A lot of our customers say they sleep better and have less muscle tension after our EMF inspection and mitigation. One couple with electromagnetic sensitivity was considering the purchase of a dream home north of Toronto. But our inspection of the potential new residence identified it as unsuitable due to high magnetic readings. We asked the couple to work with their real estate agent to find 2 or 3 alternate homes that would also suit them. We came back two days later and tested 2 more homes. One was marginally okay, the other some of the lowest readings we had every seen. They now live in that home, and with our guidance on how to use their computer equipment, electronics, cell phones, and wifi, they’re living comfortably in their dream home.

Phone: (905) 719-7030  or  by Contact Form


We do personal inspections across Ontario, and also offer telephone consultations around the world.


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