Cancer research body declares RF radiation from cell phones and towers dangerous

The Dangers of Cell Phones and Cell Towers

The International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared radio frequency radiation to be a possible cause of cancer. Watch the press conference on radio frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers and decide for yourself whether you should take prudent action or not.

If you use cellular phones excessively or live near a cell tower, this is for you.

Watch video here

Are you considering the purchase of a home near a cell tower or power lines? Do you live near a tower? The question then becomes, “what distance is safe?” The answer varies since it is affected by several factors. If the tower is less than 1 kilometre away, it’s best to have it tested by a qualified professional with a suitable meter.

Call or email us for an EMF inspection. On the spot evaluation on whether it is safe or not.

Contact Paul at 905-719-7030.




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