Should you buy a house close to power lines?

Are you thinking of purchasing a home close to high voltage power lines?

High voltage power lines. What distance is harmful?

Looks like a dream home. Just one problem.  It’s right near power lines. You can almost hear crackling electricity when you are in the back yard.  You have young children and are worried if it is safe.  And you’ve read articles that say this could be a problem.

Well, you are right to be concerned. There is an increasing body research and studies that show there could potentially be serious harm to one’s health, especially children. Without accurate measurements to be sure, stay more than 800 meters away from powerlines. Closer than that, please contact us, and we can come out and do an inspection for you. It may still be safe. Only one way to know for sure. Our measurements will tell you whether it is safe or not.

Call us at 905–719–7030 for an inspection or email us here.


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