Why I got into home inspections to determine EMF risks in people’s homes and offices.

Towards a healthier lifestyle

Updated January 24, 2015

Being involved in both technology and health most of my professional career, I began to have great concern for the well-being of people in my community as I learned more and more about the harm that EMF causes. In certain wavelengths, EMF can be very harmful in 3 ranges: Electrical, Magnetic, and Radio Frequencies. I help people reduce the harmful effects.

The words Electromagnetic field (EMF) describe the effects of electric, magnetic and radio frequencies on our physical world. Picture them as waves that go out in all directions. These are reflected, absorbed, modulated and disturbed to produce areas of high and low intensity.

Most EMFs are completely invisible to humans. and this is particularly true of manmade EMFs. There is growing concern and emperical evidence that EMFs of varying wavelengths attack our health and wellbeing.

Studies are emerging that indicate damage to human tissue, cellular structure and the nervous system.

We’re here to help you measure, identify and reduce the potential harms of electromagnetic fields. Here’s to your health!


We sell and install Stetzer filters and do EMF home inspections in Toronto Ontario and surrounding area.
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Swedish study confirms that EMF is “associated with increased risk of childhood leukaemia”

Updated 12.23.2014

The Concerns About EMF are Real

According to a Swedish study on EMF, Extremely low frequency magnetic fields (of the type that emanates from distribution and use of electricity) are associated with an increased risk of childhood leukaemia in epidemiologic research and have been classified as a possible carcinogen to humans by IARC (WHO‟s International Agency for Research on Cancer). While most research was done one and two decades ago, the association has been confirmed in recent studies. Learn more.

How We Can Help You Sort Out Problems with EMF

If you have concerns about dirty electricity, magnetic fields, cell phone radiation, WiFi, and RF waves, then this may be for you. We do EMF inspections in home or office.

We use professional EMF meters to track EMFs to their source. First we give you a verbal summary of our findings. Then we provide the results of the survey in a written report. We give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.

The cost of a survey depends on the complexity of the situation, size of property and distance from our office in the GTA. Note, we view the GTA (Greater Toronto area) as “local.”

EMF surveys start from as little as $300 and neighbouring properties may be able to share the cost of a survey. Please email us for details and a competitive estimate.

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